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3KVA~40 KVA Distributed Energy Storage Generation System

The distributed energy storage power station system solution developed by Sichuan Changhong Battery Co., Ltd. can be used as “grid interactive (on-grid)” and “stand alone (off-grid)”, which has adopted the most advanced power-electronics and software control technology in the world. The inside ultra-fast electronic static switch designed guarantees zero off-time switch and protect significant loading equipment, such as high-end household appliances, electric-equipment in office or in factory, computers, server,  data communication equipment or network transmission equipment. The system must have the capability to solve the problem when off-time occurs. The system is consist of intelligent high-power inverter, photovoltaic controller, wind turbine converter, scheduling controller, BMS, which can provide high reliability for all the terminal loads by true sine waveform. The product functions and working mode of the system can be set by client-side software, for instance, such as: choosing on-grid or off-grid, photovoltaic input, wind turbine access, emergency generator access, etc.
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Technical Advantages Applications
★On-grid or off-grid application available
★Excellent power management function, providing unattended power supply solution
★Easy installation and maintenance
★Functioning as UPS to guarantee uninterrupted power supply to the users
★High security, stability and reliability 
★Storage the energy with Lithium-Ion battery
★Compatible with the solar panel array input, AC-Electricity input, wind power generator access and emergency generator access, etc.
★Excellent energy scheduling ability, the best way to storage and use energy, reduced the on-renewable energy dependence


 Technical Parameters
Product Name CHB-SYS 100A CHB-SYS 100B CHB-SYS 200A CHB-SYS 200B CHB-SYS 200C
AC Output Continuous Power Rating 3KVA 5KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA
Range Energy Storage In The battery 5-20KWH 5-20KWH 15-40KWH 15-40KWH 15-40KWH
Note: If the users need to add the energy storage, the smallest increment unit is 2.5 kilowatt-Hours.
AC Specifications
AC output Nominal Voltage  110V/220V(single-phase)  110V/220V(single-phase)  380V(three-phase)  380V(three-phase)  380V(three-phase)
AC Output Nominal Frequency  50/60HZ  50/60HZ  50/60HZ  50/60HZ  50/60HZ
AC Output Continuous Current  22A/12A  36A/20A  13A  20A  26A
Harmonic Distortion On-grid Current  <4%
Off-grid Voltage  <2%
Max. AC Input Current  22A/12A  36A/20A  13A  20A  26A
Max. Emergency  Generator Input Power  3KW  5KW  10KW  15KW  20KW
AC Transfer Switch Speed In Battery Mode   0m s
Min. Inverter Efficiency In Full Load  >87%
Max. Inverter Efficiency In Light Load  >95%
Product Certification  CE; UL;IECV62109-1:2010; VDE-ARN-4105:2011; VED126; VDE-ARN-4105
AC Output Waveform   True Sine Wave
DC Specifications
Max. Solar Array Input Power  3KW  5KW  10KW  15KW  20KW
Max. PV  Open Circuit Voltage  100V  100V  200V  200V  200V
Max. PV  Input Voltage  50V  50V  120V  120V  120V
Max. Solar Array Output Current  50A  85A  68A  101A  135A
Max. Solar MPPT Efficiency  97.3%
Per Battery Module Capacity  2.5 KWH
Max. Battery Module Number  4,8  8,18  8,18
Battery Voltage Nominal  48V  48V  144V  144V  144V
Operating Range  40-58V  40-58V  120-174V  120-174V  120-174V
Battery type  LiFePO4 battery is the standard configuration

Wind Generator DC Output

Max. Power  1KW  1KW  2KW  2KW  2KW
Nominal Voltage  48V  48V  48V, 96V  48V, 96V  48V, 96V
Max. Wind Energy MPPT Efficiency  97.3%
System Specifications
Communication Interface The standard configuration Communication interface is RS232/RS485, the option is USB/ Ethernet/ GPRS/ WiFi.
Operating Temperature -10℃~45℃
Operating Humidity 10%~90%
Max. Altitude <3000m
Class of Protection P45 / IP54 / IP55
System 200*60*56 (CM)
Battery Cabinet
Final Package 210*70*70 (CM)

Weight For Max. Weight

System ≈270
Battery Cabinet ≈280
System Final Package ≈290

Battery Cabinet Final Package


Note:If the users want to get the more power output and energy storage, you can use two equipments in parallel working mode.