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Nowadays, more and more countries and governments have paid special attentions on environmental protection and actively promoted the application of green energy. Changhong Ni-Fe rechargeable battery not only has the most of characteristics of nickel cadmium battery, but also owns the advantages of low operation cost, environmental-friendly etc. Therefore, Changhong Nickel Cadmium battery is replaceable by Nickel Iron battery in most applicable fields step by step.

Changhong Battery has specially designed and developed NF-S series Nickel Iron battery supporting for solar photovoltaic system. Changhong Ni-Fe rechargeable battery has the characteristics of lower cost-in-use, minor self-discharge, long service life, low maintenance (more than 3 years), environmental-friendly, high mechanical strength, excellent resistance performance to electric abuse, good resistance to over-charge and over-discharge, therefore, Ni-Fe battery can replace Ni-Cad battery in many fields. After Changhong Ni-Fe battery is charged according to standard charging system under the ambient temperature of 20℃±5℃, the battery can be normal used under the ambient temperature of -20℃±60℃(different discharge capacity under different temperature). Changhong Nickel Iron battery is specially suitable for solar photovoltaic applications and renewable energy storage applications under severe environment. 

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